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How to Rock Winter Tights

The trendiest tights for covering your bare legs during winter.


If you’re wearing a mini dress to winter formal, consider adding a cute pair of winter tights to your ensemble. They’ll up your style factor and protect you from the freezing temps. After all, who wants goose bumps to ruin a fresh shave?

Whether you’re going for a girlie, funky or vixen vibe, these winter tights won’t disappoint.

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1. Back Seam Tights

If you don’t want your tights to interfere with your dress, but you’re craving a little extra something on your legs, spring for a pair with seam running up the back. The seam could be as simple as a solid line or as girlie as a string of hearts or bows. These feature a long ribbon, and are made by House of Holland. Compare Prices

2. Floral Lace Tights

Forget fishnets. Lacy patterned tights still have tiny holes but are much more interesting and feminine. The fabric used for these type tights is usually thicker than normal hose, so even though parts of your legs will be exposed, they’ll still keep you warm. Look for pairs in black, grey and cream. The ones to the left are by Avenue. Compare Prices

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3. Funky Patterned Tights

When it comes to stockings, nearly any pattern will do. Stars, dots, swirls and even feathers can be found snaking their way up legs during winter. Whether you want to go with an all-over print or a single print is up to you. These cream tights by Anna Sui feature a swirly design from the toes to thighs only, and would look adorable with a black mini dress. Buy Direct

4. Trompe L'Oeil Tights

Is it a garter? Or a Taylor Momsen-type contraption? Nope- they’re definitely tights, but with a trompe l’oeil effect. Trompe l’oeil means something that deceives the senses. These House of Holland tights make you look like you’re wearing one thing, when in reality you’re just wearing stockings! Compare Prices

5. Solid Earth Tone Tights

Forward fashionistas are pairing unexpected neutral-colored stockings with their dresses for a whole new take on opaque tights. Look for styles in rust, mustard yellow, light browns and dark beiges. The right hue could almost make you look like you have a killer tan! Compare Prices

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6. Shredded Tights

Add a rocker edge to your dress with a pair of shredded winter tights. These black ones by Pretty Polly look awesome paired with a sequin dress, but would also look hot with a red, purple or gold dress, too. If you don’t want to splurge on a pair of ripped tights, take an old pair of sheer black hose and create your own by lightly running a serrated edge over them. Compare Prices

7. Solid Jewel Tone Tights

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t pull on a pair of colored tights. This season, stick with opaque stockings in dark jewel tones: think deep purple, emerald and royal blue. Just be careful about mixing these colors together. You don’t want to wear a jewel toned dress and jewel toned winter tights. Pick one or the other. These purple ones are by Betsey Johnson. Compare Prices

8. Thigh High Tights

So you kind of want tights, but don’t want to commit all the way. Or maybe your dress is so fitted that you don’t want hose lines peaking through. The solution is a pair of thigh highs. These sheer black ones by House of Holland feature a row of fringe around the top that give it a total disco vibe. Make sure to buy a pair that has a comfortable elastic at the top. Otherwise, they’ll fall down without a garter belt. Compare Prices

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