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Holiday Style Tips for Teens

Dress fab for winter formals, holiday parties & New Year’s!


Thanksgiving always kicks off a whirlwind of holiday parties, dances and, the crowning moment of the season: New Year’s Eve! These magical events are the time to bring out some of my fashion favorites: sparkle and glitter, lots of gold, luxurious velvet and holiday-inspired plaid.

Look festive and bright with these holiday style tips, and be sure to Instagram your best looks for future inspiration.

1. Have your outfit ready ahead of time.

The holiday season can get crazy, quick. Between school, gift shopping and socializing, I’m always surprised by how fast it all goes by! That’s why it’s best to shop ahead of time instead of waiting for the day or two before. You’ll be calm, well-accessorized, and can avoid owning a just-bought-it-because-it-fit dress that you’ll end up hating in two days.

2. Limit the glitz.

I’m the first gal to reach for a sequined skirt or a sparkly headband, especially during the holidays! Some well-placed sparkle is a December must for me. However, head-to-toe sparkle overload can make you look like an 80s dance competition reject. So, if you’re donning a sequin dress, skip the sparkly shoes and accessories. If your cardigan has tons of gorgeous beading and glitter, go with a neutral skirt. Festive sparkle is great, but blinding your fellow party-goers isn’t.

3. Don’t show too much skin.

Holiday parties are full of close friends and family, and while you want to show off your best assets, you don’t want to show off too much. Think of it this way: people talking about your outfit because of its uniqueness or great fit is good… people talking about your outfit because you’re showing off too much skin and making everyone uncomfortable is not so good. I always pick one or the other- if my dress is super busty, I go for a skirt that’s a little longer. If my mini dress shows a lot of leg, I limit the cleavage. Besides, it’s always nice to leave a little bit of mystery.

4. Invest in a dressy coat.

Unless you live in Hawaii (in which case I seriously envy you), you’re experiencing some serious winter weather right now. You likely have a day-to-day winter coat that keeps you warm on the way to school or the mall. But, a puffy jacket paired with a mini dress and high heels kind of ruins the whole outfit. So, you’ll need a long, warm coat that doesn’t take away from your fancy party outfit. I suggest buying one in black, because it’ll last for season after season.

5. Have a cardigan at the ready.

While long-sleeve dresses are super trendy this year, the strapless dress is still all the rage... which is a bit unfortunate for those parties you have to attend when it’s 30-degrees outside! So, have a cute cropped cardigan on standby that you can throw over your dress. I love holiday cardigans in festive winter white or flecked with sparkle. Go for a form-fitting cardigan rather than a long duster. That way it won’t take away from the aesthetic of your dress.

6. Experiment with tights.

Winter tights, whether patterned or opaque, can add a lot to your holiday outfit… with the added bonus of keeping goose bumps at bay. While opaque black is a tried-and-true staple, think about matching a color in your dress to your tights, making a statement with a bold color, or adding sparkle and texture with your tights.

7. Remember the close-toed shoes.

Open toed strappy sandals aren’t winter-friendly. Your toes will freeze! Embrace the colder temps and use the opportunity to wear some cap-toed shoes.
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