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Best Model Poses for Dresses


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Avoiding Bad Posture
Best Model Poses for Dresses

Kristen Stewart is 5’6’’, but even her extra height can’t save this photo from her bad posture.

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You'll notice that models never slouch for their photos. Not only will slouching hide your gorgeous dress, neck and shoulders, it will make you look like you didn’t even want to go to the dance in the first place.

Slouching makes you appear insecure. Body language says a lot!Even if you don’t like having your picture taken, fake it

Rounded, slouched shoulders look awkward in photos. Kristen looks disinterested and like she doesn’t care that she’s being photographed.

Don’t cross your arms in front of you. It closes you off and hides your dress.

Now that you’ve got the secrets to good posture down, let’s look at those poses!

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